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B-12 and Lipo-Lean Injections

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B-12 and Lipo-Lean Injections

B-12 and Lipo-Lean Injections services offered in Idaho Falls, ID and Palm Beach, FL

B-12 and LipoLean® injections help reduce stubborn fat. Offered at Stillwater Aesthetics and Wellness by John Lassetter, MD, and his experienced aesthetic team, these injections help stimulate your body’s ability to burn fat and increase your energy levels. Call the Idaho Falls, Idaho, office today to schedule an appointment, or use this website to book your visit online. 

B-12 and Lipo-Lean Injections Q&A

What are B-12 and LipoLean injections?

Even if you live a healthy lifestyle, your body can become less effective at burning fat over time. While surgical interventions can help you slim down stubborn pockets of fat, they require long recoveries, blood loss, and scarring. 


B-12 and LipoLean injections are a nonsurgical alternative to fat reduction that works with your body’s natural processes to flush out fat. 


The injections contain various ingredients to enhance your body’s ability to metabolize fat and boost your overall wellness. They include:


These compounds help your body break down fat and burn calories more efficiently.


B-12 is a vitamin that supports metabolic processes and red blood cell production. It boosts your energy levels and fights fatigue.

How are LipoLean injections administered?

Your provider administers LipoLean injections with tiny needles into specific treatment areas. Once applied, the solution hardens and inflames your fat cells, triggering your body to break them down and flush them out with your liver and lymphatic system. 


Once flushed away, fat cells cannot swell or expand. They’re gone for good, leaving you a smoother, more contoured frame. 

What is the benefit of pairing B-12 and LipoLean injections?

Vitamin B-12 is responsible for helping your body use and metabolize fat and carbohydrates for energy. Vitamin B-12 injections optimize your levels of this nutrient to maximize your metabolism and energy levels. 

How do B-12 and LipoLean injections help my health?

You receive B-12 and LipoLean injections weekly as part of a comprehensive healthy weight loss plan. The treatments support your efforts in dieting and exercise to help you achieve a slimmer, more shapely physique. Expect to lose inches in the areas treated with LipoLean injections. 


Regular injections are important because the effects are temporary. Once your body processes the injections, it returns to its normal metabolic function. With regular injections, you get a consistently optimized metabolism and balanced energy levels. 


The injections provide an almost immediate energy boost, decreased appetite, and improved sense of wellness.


If you’re ready to boost your metabolism and fat-burning ability, contact Stillwater Aesthetics and Wellness today. Call one of the offices to set up an appointment, or use this website to reach out online.