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Body Composition Analysis

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Body Composition Analysis

Body Composition Analysis services offered in Idaho Falls, ID and Palm Beach, FL

Body composition analysis tells you everything you need to know in order to decide if losing weight is necessary for your health. At Stillwater Aesthetics and Wellness in Idaho Falls, Idaho,  John Lasseter, MD, and the team use detailed body composition analysis to develop your personalized wellness plan. Schedule your appointment and treatment consultation by phone or online at the nearest office today.

Body Composition Analysis Q&A

What is a body composition analysis?

A body composition analysis is an advanced testing method that gives you numbers and percentages about the fat-to-muscle-to-bone ratio of your body. A high number on the scale doesn’t necessarily mean you have too much body fat. When you get a body composition analysis, the results offer insight into whether or not you should consider weight loss. 


The team at Stillwater Aesthetics and Wellness interprets your results and can tell you about various types of fat throughout your body, including fat in your muscle tissue, subcutaneous (under-the-skin) fat, and visceral fat surrounding your organs. They can then recommend any steps you might take to reduce your body fat, if necessary.

When might I need a body composition analysis?

Body composition analysis is one of the first necessary steps for starting a medical weight loss program at Stillwater Aesthetics and Wellness. It goes beyond the scope of just measuring your body mass index (BMI) to give you information about where your body stores its fat and how much you have. 


The team at Stillwater Aesthetics and Wellness uses your results to develop and personalize a medical weight loss plan if your goal is to trim down on body fat. This can lead to better overall health, including lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, lower blood sugar, and better cardiovascular health.


The Stillwater Aesthetics and Wellness team might conduct regular follow-up body composition analyses as you go through your weight loss program and approach your goal weight. You can also get a body composition analysis as an athlete for more information about the makeup of your body. 

What should I expect during a body composition analysis?

Body composition analysis involves more than simply stepping on a scale to read your weight. The team at Stillwater Aesthetics and Wellness uses specialized tools and equipment to evaluate your body’s fat ratios. Body composition analysis might involve:


  • Height and weight measurements for BMI
  • Skinfold calipers (pinch tests)
  • Air displacement plethysmography (ADP)
  • Dual energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) scanning


DEXA scanning is perhaps the most effective way to find out about your body composition. It sends electrical currents through your body to measure the rate at which they travel through bone, body fat, and muscle mass. 


To learn more about body composition analysis, call Stillwater Aesthetics and Wellness today, or schedule an appointment online on this website.